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My Formules

1- My formula for prime numbers

2- My formula for binomial coefficients

1- My formula for prime numbers

The general term of the sequence of prime numbers.

A generator polynomial of degree three prime numbers.

Newton's method applied to calculate the prime numbers.

Congruence with binomial coefficients.

A limit with prime numbers.

An equivalence for the Goldbach conjecture.

Conjecture for consecutive primes.

Another conjecture for primes.

For twin primes conjecture.

Pseudo Twin Primes.


pn => pn-i + pi

µ(2^k-1) mod k


An Equation for Primes.

Sqrt[p^2+q^2- 9]


Smarandache Function.

Totient Function.

Prime Formulas.

Carmichael Function.

Primorial Prime.

Perfect Number.

2- My formula for binomial coefficients

∏ B.C.s = non-B.C (Catalog #: 2200004)

Σ (alternating product) = non-B.C. (Catalog #: 3610008)

Σ (mixed product) = non-B.C. (Catalog #: 3900005)

Σ (mixed product) = non-B.C.(Catalog #: 3900053)

mod p or pn where p is prime (Catalog #: 5100013)

Binomial Sums

Bernoulli Polynomial

Many of these formulas can be found at: www.primepuzzles.net - www.oeis.org - www.mathworld.wolfram.com