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I was born in Chipiona on May 16, 1964.
Chipiona is a town of 15,000 inhabitants located in the province of Cadiz, near the mouth of the river Guadalquivir in southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalucia.

During the eighties I attended high school and college.
It was at this time that I got the proof of Wilson Theorem Algebraic based on my identity, although such evidence was not published until a much later date (1996).

I graduated in Mathematics from the University of Seville in 1991.
That same year I worked Discrete Mathematics teaching in the School of Informatics, Sevilla. In 1992 he started working in various institutes (high school) in the provinces of Sevilla and Cadiz. Among those is the IES Columella de Cádiz, El IES Alvar Nunez de Jerez de la Frontera, the I.E.S. Francisco Pacheco de Sanlúcar de Barrameda and the IES Salmedina of Chipiona.

In 1996 he published my first article: "An Algeraic Identity Leading to Wilson's Theorem" in the journal "The Mathematical Gazette" of England (ISSN 0025-5572).
In this article I discuss my proof of Theorem Wilson's student days mentioned above.

In that article twenty others have followed, 12 of them in "The Smarandache Notions Journal" (ISSN 1084-2810) of American Research Press where I have published since 1999, several results on the role of prime numbers and Smarandache, including several formulas for the nth prime.

In 2002 public with the American Research Press Publishing my book "Applications of Smarandache Function and Function Coprima Prima" (ISBN 1-931233-51-9) and its English version (ISBN 1-931233-30-6).

I have also published several coauthors.
With M. L. Perez editor of American Research Press article "Properties and Problems related to Smarandache Functions."
This article has been published in the Bulletin of the Society "Puig Adam" of Teachers of Mathematics in 2002. (ISSN 1135-0261).
It has also been published this article in its English version of "Mathematics Magazine for Grades 1 to 12" of Canada (ISSN 1703-096X) in February 2004.

With Dr. Jonathan Sondow by Princeton University I have published the article "Formulas for Pi (x) and the n-th prime" in the journal "Mathematics Magazine for Grades 1-12" (ISSN 1703-096X) in April 2004. With Azmy Ariff of Malaysia have published the article "A Basic Characterizacion of Twin Primes and Its Generalization" in "The Smarandache Notions Journal" (2004).

In recent years I've also been working on the website of the Mexican Carlos Rivera "The Prime Puzzles & Problem Connection" where I have published inter alia the equivalence for the Goldbach conjecture, and a 47 cubic polynomial that generates prime numbers (43 of them different)

I have also translated the article by Florentin Smarandache Paradoxes to Spanish.

I am currently doing PhD at the University of Seville and working in the I. E. S. Salmedina.